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White Rabbit’s Christmas Menu

White Rabbit restaurant cares for the tradition, Polish products and regional recipes, but gives them a new and unique form. It will be no different this Christmas and New Year’s holiday season.

The Christmas menu, available in White Rabbit restaurant already from 27th November, is the essence of childhood memories of our Chef, Rafał Koziorzemski, who cannot imagine Christmas time without a duck with red cabbage, gingerbread and herring.

The dishes will be available in our tasting menu which our restaurant is famous for. Moreover, it will not fall short of traditional red borscht with sour beetroot juice which was prepared already a month earlier so that today it could be used to make exceptional soup cooked with smoked pork ribs broth flavoured with marjoram. The soup will be accompanied by a dumpling stuffed with white cheese and potatoes.

Moreover, on the table you will find coated croquettes with cabbage and mushrooms, golden-fried, and sprinkled with mushroom and roast cabbage powder.

Furthermore, you cannot miss the Kashubian-style herring – marinated for 24 hours in vinegar marinade and then served with plum and onion preserve. The flavour is enhanced by thick sauce with fish broth and red pepper.

Whereas, the real favourite in Christmas menu is a smoked duck breast, briefly marinated in a large amount of salt and sugar with spices, and fried to be crispy. The duck is accompanied by sour red cabbage with herbs and mustard seeds. The dish is flavoured with parsnip roasted with brown butter and savoury duck sauce with dried hibiscus flowers.

The essence of Christmas and their unforgettable flavour is a dessert – traditional gingerbread with quince in the form of a Christmas tree with a gift surrounded by dried yoghurt snow.

We would like to invite you to White Rabbit to enjoy the magic of upcoming Christmas time!

More details about menu: https://quadrille.pl/app/uploads/2018/11/menu_27.11.2018_web.pdf

Reservations: restauracja@bialy-krolik.pl , +4858 351 03 30