Tibetan bowls and gongs

There comes a time when we feel a need to take a break, to simply stop for a moment. Despite the fact that we take a vacation, once or twice per year, and have holidays and weekends to enjoy, it is often not enough and we feel that we need more. A number of solutions come to mind, including working out in a gym, jogging, fishing or shopping, however they do not always suffice. In order to fully restore your balance, Quadrille Spa recommends a relaxation method which employs extraordinary sound properties of the Far Eastern instruments – the so-called Tibetan bowls and gongs.

The bowls represent instruments with a several-thousand-year manufacturing tradition which, due to the latest technological possibilities, for a few decades have been used in different forms of relaxation, improvement of the quality of life and therapy. By a coincidence, man has discovered that some instruments emit soundwaves which are similar to the natural frequencies of a human body. This was confirmed by studies conducted with the use of engineering devices, which led to creation of instruments with strictly therapeutic properties while preserving the tradition and art of their manufacturing.

Vibrations emitted by sound bowls (also called Tibetan, Himalayan, singing, therapeutic bowls) and gongs work on three levels: body, mind and soul – our magic inside world.


In a physical sphere, the frequency of oscillation emitted by instruments is similar with those a human body is functioning within. Each of our organs, our interior structure vibrate in their own specific way. Different bowls emit soundwaves which penetrate our body, carry vibrations inside it. It is a highly delicate process, but due to its tuning up to suit our inner side, it is a pleasant and at the same time effective experience. The process positively affects structures inside our body leading to the release of muscle tension and stimulation of self-regeneration of the body.


The sounds of bowls and gongs make it possible to change your perception of self, your personal thoughts and emotions. The mind reaches a state which is observed during dozing, sound sleeping and meditation. People who expose themselves to the vibrations of bowls and gongs remain in full consciousness, however their perception of self and reality slightly changes.


During deep relaxation, you have a chance to experience your deeper spheres. The sounds of bowls and gongs will introduce you to the state in which thoughts flow but in a peaceful way. The experience is accompanied by involuntary images, visions which can be compared to conscious dreams, answers to difficult questions and dilemmas, and a clear perception of matters which we perceive as complicated and difficult to solve on everyday basis.

In Quadrille Spa, relaxation sessions are held twice per month. An updated calendar can be viewed on our website.

An individual sound massage session is a worthwhile experience. Based on the same rules and carried out with the use of the same instruments as in relaxation group sessions, the massage is conducted directly on the treated person’s body. In case you are interested in an individual sound massage, please book your treatment in advance by contacting the SPA reception staff.

Jakub Leonowicz, the Quadrille Spa therapist, composed an over 40-minute relaxation session which will take you to the other side of the mirror… Maintained in a peaceful atmosphere and created specifically for the hotel and Quadrille Spa Guests, this musical composition can be purchased in a form of a beautifully issued record.

Available for purchase in Quadrille SPA (or via e-mail orders).