Tibetan bowl and gong concerts

Tibetan bowl and gong concerts

The relaxing concerts with Tibetan bowls and gongs are very popular in the Quadrille Hotel. Those of you who have not heard of them, please visit the previous post (https://quadrille.pl/misy-tybetanskie) where you can find more detailed information about the relaxing concerts and their benefits. This time, since there is a growing number of questions about the concerts, I will provide more information on how to prepare and what is important.

The relaxing concerts are completely different from the popular music concerts. During these concerts, to fully enjoy the experience, everybody is lying down in a comfortable position with eyes closed. Apart from music, though it is more accurate to call it „sound space”, the meetings involve the elements of relaxation. Verbal introduction helps to relax, change perspective and draw the attention to inner experience.

To provide comfort for our Guests, each participant receives a mat, blanket and pillow. This basic set will help you find a comfortable position, relax and surrender to beneficial acoustic vibrations. Feeling comfortable is very significant; it is one of the most important elements which can help you get into a state of deep concentration. Moreover, your clothes are also significant. It is important to have comfortable clothes, which will not hinder your movement – loose and casual or even sports clothes are definitely better for such a meeting.

Please remember that this is not a classic concert with musicians on the stage and the audience around admiring the performance. Here, all the participants focus on themselves and experience the event with eyes closed. You do not need to observe the person playing to enjoy the meeting; it might even be distracting. Using the mass media jargon we can say that it is more a wellness type of concert than the typical cultural and artistic event 😉

The meeting is held in the Ballroom of Quadrille Hotel. The room has high ceilings and non-standard wall arrangement. In my opinion, such layout provides perfect acoustics; the sounds flow through the space, embrace the participants and take them on a journey into the inner self. The concert is held with doors closed, in the ballroom, and there is no possibility for people from outside to join the event or enter the room at a later time. The whole event reflects cosy atmosphere and the feeling of concentration and relaxation.

However, I need to inform you in advance that although the sounds during the concert are very subtle, there are some contraindications against the participation in such events. It is not recommended for women during the first and third trimester of pregnancy, people with pacemakers and people taking psychotropic medications (in such case you should consult your doctor before taking part in such an event).

When the concert is finished, the waiters from White Rabbit restaurant provide beverages so that before leaving you could have a good time talking and possibly sharing your experience with others. The exchange of experience and discussion is an important but not obligatory part of the meeting. People frequently ask a lot of questions regarding their emotions, experience, feelings and thoughts, and the time „after the event” is used to receive some answers.

I would like to invite all the people interested in a journey to the world of sounds toned with human vibrations to join us during the next concerts. Each of them can provide different experience and feelings. The meetings are held at the hotel on a regular basis twice a month. You can learn about the next concerts at “wydarzenia” (https://quadrille.pl/wydarzenia/) or by contacting the reception at SPA Quadrille (+48 58 351 03 20, spa@quadrille.pl)

Those of you who feel they need more experience with sounds, we recommend individual sound massage sessions (https://quadrille.pl/spa/oferty/masaz-dzwiekiem/) where instruments are placed on the person, and therefore, vibrations flow directly through the body.

For those of you who wish to take a portion of these exceptional sounds home I can offer a recording with Tibetan bowl concert.

Jakub Leonowicz
Spa therapist