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The exfoliating treatments – Peel Mission

Acid facial treatment is an effective weapon against the most frequent skin disorders. Acne, wrinkles, discoloration, blackheads, small scars – all these problems can certainly be resolved by applying the effective facial acids. In this case, age is of no importance since the benefits resulting from treating the skin with mandelic, salicylic or azelaic acids will be clearly visible for 20-, 30- and 40-year-olds.

By introducing the facial acid brand into the Quadrille Spa we decided to focus on the Polish company, PEEL MISSION®, who is the leading manufacturer of chemical peels providing high level of effectiveness in rejuvenating treatment, scar reduction, discoloration, as well as acne vulgaris and acne rosacea. The company preparations are manufactured under the highest quality standard, which is confirmed by certificate ISO 22716 and GMP. Moreover, the preparations are marked by high bioavailability (the pH value of peel is lower than the pH value of acid), and their liquid base enhances the effectiveness of acid penetration into the skin. Monopeels by Peel Mission® enable combining several exfoliants during one treatment, adjusting them to the individual needs of the client and enhancing the effects.

Treatments at Quadrille Spa

RETIpeel- two-stage strongly rejuvenating system.

Perfectly balanced combination of pure retinol, vitamin E and C, as well as retinol palmitate, marked by high stability, also under UV radiation, makes it possible to use the full potential of treatment throughout the year. The 10% retinol complex is effective at all skin layers. Retinol stimulates fibroblasts and increases their number in dermis, enhancing the collagen and elastic fibres synthesis. As a result, the skin is well nourished and oxidised, regains its density and firmness, and smoothes out wrinkles.

Anti Acne- acne, inflammatory changes

The composition of acids used for Anti Acne treatment works perfectly for the skin suffering from inflammatory acne. The salicylic acid has anti-inflammatory properties. Moreover, it can penetrate the sebum layer, which guarantees the effective reduction of Propionibacterium Acnes bacteria. With regular application, the skin pores are reduced, there are fewer blackheads, and the function of sebaceous glands is normalized. Thanks to the exfoliating effect the acid improves the skin appearance and structure. It also prevents the epidermis keratinization, namely build-up of dead epidermis layers, resulting in blocking the ostia of hair follicles.

AZA Peel- acnes, sensitive skin

The range of peels with anti-bacterial properties regarding aerobic and anaerobic bacteria. It fails to cause bacteria resistance even at long-term application (contrary to antibiotics applied to treat acne). It is effective in treating blackhead and papulopustular acne, even among people with sensitive skin. It counteracts sebum and lipid decomposition to free aldehydes, fatty acids and ketones which irritate the skin and intensify the acne lesions. Moreover, the azelaic acid is successfully applied to skin with discolouration, post-inflammatory or post-acne skin, or skin indicating incorrect function of melanocytes.

Skin Revital- skin revitalization

The mandelic acid laboratory-derived from bitter almonds belongs to AHA group. The acid has anti-bacterial, exfoliating and anti-ageing properties. It gradually penetrates deeper layers of epidermis, is non-toxic, and does not increase the skin sensitivity to solar radiation; therefore, it can be applied in winter and summer season. Combined with phytic acid, it has bio-revitalizing and anti-oxidative properties preventing the formation of free radicals. It makes the skin radiant.

Phytic peel- discoloration

The exfoliation with azelaic and phytic acid makes the skin lightened and improves its brightness. Both acids prevent extensive melanogenesis which is the cause of skin discolouration. It softly exfoliates the epidermis and stimulates its regeneration process. The skin regains its colour and becomes radiant, whereas discolouration becomes less visible.

The PEEL MISSION® peels provide exceptional solutions for numerous skin problems, whereas the possibility to combine several acids during one procedure enhances the treatment effects even further.

Ewelina Araszkiewicz
Spa Quadrille Manager