Summer Spa

The long-awaited time of the year has come, when our body has a chance to recharge itself with positive energy, sun and nature.  The beginning of summer, which this year may not have come too quickly and on a grand scale, nevertheless prompts us to take care of ourselves.  Each time of the year, we wonder where to spend these few days off, and in today’s reality we also focus on the issues of physical and mental health.

We offer you a holiday in the SPA and we are convinced that it is an excellent idea for perfect relaxation and recharging the battery before returning to work.  Remember that daily body care at home is one thing, but professional treatments are an opportunity for thorough rest and metamorphosis.  The effects of improving the well-being or the appearance of the skin of the face and body can be obtained after the first visit to the office and without a convalescence period.  Quadrille Spa Guests have at their disposal a whole range of various treatments, so everyone will find something suitable.

Apart from the traditional classic massage, which the therapist will perform with the intensity determined during the consultations, recommendable are rituals that combine the soothing effects of manual techniques with high-quality cosmetic preparations.  The Amber Ritual and the Ritual of the Four Worlds – Aromasoul additionally contain a peeling exfoliating dead epidermis, thanks to which the skin becomes silky smooth and prepared for sunbathing.

Professional products of the Japanese brand Forlle’d along with the specialized Zaffiro firming treatment will take care of the flawless appearance of the facial skin.  Depending on the needs, the cosmetologist will select the appropriate care during a free consultation.  If you decide to undergo the Zaffiro treatment, you can achieve a natural look and improve the quality of your skin during one visit, without excluding you from everyday life.

Treatments supporting slimming, cellulite reduction and body shaping, such as Med2Contour and Endermologia, are also in demand in our Spa.  During your vacation, you can take care of the condition of the body skin, reduce the visibility of cellulite or get rid of fatty tissue from sensitive areas.  Of course, it is worth remembering about proper nutrition and physical activity, these are undoubtedly important factors affecting the end result.  We provide you with the entire A°quadrille zone, i.e. a swimming pool, a dry sauna, a steam room, a jacuzzi and a gym, which will greatly facilitate the implementation of even small traffic. We cannot forget about more basic treatments, i.e. hand and foot care, which we gladly show in less covered shoes in summer.  Traditional and podiatry pedicures will allow you to take care of the nice appearance of your nails, but also contribute to the elimination of shortcomings such as corns, warts or ingrown nails.

Now all you have to do is choose the perfect date for your stay at the Quadrille Hotel combined with treatments and fully relax in our hotel SPA.  Manual therapies and high-tech treatments offered by Quadrille Spa will pamper your senses and improve your body, and the professional service will make you feel comfortable both in the office and in the A˚Quadrille zone.

Ewelina Araszkiewicz 

Wellness & Spa Operations Manager