Spa for pregnant women

Spa for pregnant women – what kind of treatment is appropriate?

Every woman wants to feel beautiful and dreams of relaxing in Spa. It also applies to future mums, and there is nothing unusual about it. Although some women may have their doubts, there are a number of nourishing treatments that will not harm the health of a mum-to-be and her baby, but even improve it. A happy mum means a happy child, and who would not enjoy a weekend stay at Spa hotel.

Certainly, when you dream of relaxing in Spa, you cannot forget that some treatments may not be available for pregnant women. First of all, you should focus on your health. When the pregnancy is going smoothly, and the doctors can see no clear counter-indications, the stay in Spa can provide more energy and successfully lift the mood of a future mum. So when is it recommended and what can you choose?

Should pregnant women go to SPA?
Certainly, it is better not to do it during the first trimester of pregnancy – this is the time of important changes in the body, growing fatigue, and nausea, and it is better to relax as much as possible at home. Whereas, the second trimester is an ideal time for the future mum to go to Spa. With good health condition, you can also do it during the final months of pregnancy, but it is better to plan your stay at Spa closer to home. In case of any doubts, it is recommended to consult the stay in Spa earlier with the doctor.

What kind of treatment is appropriate?
You can certainly have treatments like manicure and pedicure, but you can also undergo basic skin treatments. Whereas, you certainly cannot have any treatment that affects body heat, namely baths or sauna – these must wait until the baby is born. The abdominal massage is not recommended either. However, local massage can be a true blessing for back pain, shoulder stiffness or calf cramps. Such treatment can bring relief and lift the mood of the future mum.

In Poland, there are Spa centres offering different services for pregnant women, and providing proper equipment. As a standard these places offer, for example, armchairs and extra pillows. However, apart from the choice of treatments and their location, the quality of cosmetics is equally important. The body of pregnant woman is more sensitive; therefore, we should pay special attention to the ingredients of cosmetics. It is significant with not only oils and creams, but also nail enamels and nail polish removers. Once more, it is recommended to ask the Spa personnel.

What does Quadrille Spa offer?
At Quadrille Spa the offer addressed to pregnant women is, first of all, tested and limited to several trusted options. Apart from small treats like manicure and pedicure, making every woman feel beautiful, we offer No problem! (25 min.) massage of selected part of the body in a comfortable position. The facial treatments include: Hydrafacial sensitive, Forlle’d intensive moisturising, or Forlle’d with 30% vitamin C, which softly condition the skin, remove signs of fatigue, and improve the skin elasticity.

Whereas, the number one is body care treatment Sacred Nature by [comfort zone] with ecocert certificate confirming the purity of active ingredients and safety for pregnant women. This line includes ideal cosmetics for tired and very dry skin, skin with no elasticity or excessive peeling, itching and oversensitivity. Thanks to such treatment women can feel not only relaxed but also, beautiful, well-tended and calm…

The treatment at Quadrille Spa can be followed by cosmetic products for home care by [comfort zone] which nourish and condition the skin of pregnant women. Taking into account this exceptional state, the producer significantly focused on the ingredients of products and decided to use the best quality active ingredients. Each of them was carefully selected to guarantee maximum efficiency and safety. Silicone in Sacred Nature and Body Strategist products was replaced with natural oils and butter which ensure the same silkiness and softness reaching the effect of truly active beauty. These cosmetics available at Quadrille Spa can also become a perfect gift for the future mum.