Skin care around eyes

The skin around the eyes reacts extremely quickly to an unhealthy lifestyle. Pollution, poorly chosen home care, long hours of working at the computer in inappropriate light, lack of sleep, improper diet or even UV rays, which also irritate the eyelids and quickly dry the delicate skin around the eyes – all this does not serve us.

Professional, properly selected care of the eye area is extremely important, because the skin in this area is five times thinner than in other parts of the face and has a thickness of only 0.5mm. Moreover, signs of joy, sadness, and stress accelerate negative changes in their functioning and appearance. Wearing sunglasses should become our habit not only during the summer season, but also in winter, because the sun’s rays are very intense during this time of year.

Preparations for the care of the skin around the eyes must have a light, quickly absorbing texture. Along with the mimic wrinkles, often called “crow’s feet”, there are also overhangs, that is, emphasis of the fatty tissue of the upper eyelid.

The use of professional eye care products and beauty salon treatments can significantly delay the formation of wrinkles and reduce their occurrence.

Products tailored strictly to the needs of the eye area, most often contain ingredients such as: vitamins A, E, F, provitamin B5, allantoin, vegetable ceramides, Asian centella, extracts of plant collagen, chamomile, aloe and mallow flowers, hyaluronic acid, natural oils and UVA, UVB filters.

Cosmetics for the care of the skin around the eyes can come in various forms, including as:

  • make-up removal products – milk, tonic, micellar water, gel or oil,
  • eye creams – they have a heavier texture and lubricate the skin better, contain ceramides, lipids,
  • herbal extracts, proteins, oils of natural origin, phytosterols and liposomes,
  • eye gels – recommended for young, less demanding skins and those that do not tolerate creams
    – they absorb faster and tighten the skin better,
  • serums and concentrates – for mature skins, the consistency is usually liquid or gel
    – they are absorbed quickly, contain biological ingredients with a much higher concentration than creams and gels.

The most popular treatments for the delicate skin around the eyes are:

  • soothing compresses, ampoules, masks,
  • medical chemical peels,
  • needle mesotherapy – introducing active substances by puncturing into the dermis, thanks to which we can reduce wrinkles and make the skin firmer,
  • microneedle mesotherapy – application of the preparation through microneedling, reduction of wrinkles, firming,
  • needle-free mesotherapy – non-invasive introduction of preparations through ‘electroporation’,
  • radio waves,
  • carboxytherapy,
  • Kobido massage and self-massage,
  • ‘Bioptron’ lamp therapy,
  • treatments with fillers.

The skin around the eyes is a forgotten place in everyday home care and during cosmetic treatments, and it is said that the eyes are the mirror of the soul, so let the area around them be well-groomed!

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