Double Deluxe Room of Bashō Matsuo


Prepare for a relaxation in the interiors inspired by the Land of the Rising Sun and a journey filled with Japanese exoticism.

Innovative furniture serves as decoration of the suite's interior and at the same time ensures the highest level of comfort and pays tribute to contemporary Japan. The sofa and armchairs look like effortlessly arranged stones. Black accents, wallpapers inspired by old paintings and Zen philosophy introduce a feeling of peace and harmony into the interior.


Land of the Rising Sun brings exoticism which will soothe your body, soul and all your senses

Matsuo Bashō is a Japanese creator of a literary form called haiku, which was developed from haikai no renga, or humorous songs. Bashō sacrificed humour for impressions, emotions and contemplation of nature. His poems were created during Bashō's meetings with friends, at which he made rhyming notes of his feelings in a diary.

Bashō Matsuo


DOUBLE DELUXE from 690 PLN / night

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  •  Bathroom with a shower
  •  Bathroom with a bathtub
  •  Hypnos Beds
  •  WiFi
  •  Park view
Double Deluxe
Double Deluxe

„Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home."

Bashō Matsuo
Double Deluxe
Double Deluxe