In search of perfect depilation

No scratches? No razor blades? No creams? Is that possible?

Perfectly smooth legs, armpits or bikini line – nowadays these are basic elements of women’s everyday care! Just around a few dozen years ago, women were not used to removing hair from their armpits, legs and all the more, from the bikini area. In the late 1980s, more modern and progressive representatives of the fairer sex started their adventure with razor blades by removing abundant armpit hair. Smooth legs have become an attribute of femininity relatively recently – in the 1990s, while bikini depilation has emerged even more recently than that.

However, today laser depilation is an absolute hit in cosmetology. At least this is what is claimed by those of us who have had an opportunity of undergoing treatments and now enjoy a silky smooth skin.

At Quadrille Spa, for hair reduction purposes we recommend the newest Vectus diode laser. It is a quick and efficient treatment of excessive hair removal which above all, guarantees maximum of safety. Technology used in the Vectus laser was created by Harvard University scientists and was granted with the FDA certificate confirming its efficiency proved by the results of clinical trials.

The greatest advantage of the Vectus laser is employment of a unique, on a world scale, Skintel technology which eliminates any risk of skin burns for a treated person. An intelligent melanin reader makes it possible to accurately adjust individual parameters to make the treatment effective and safe.

Therapy itself is also less painful due to employment of the Advanced Contact Cooling technology which adjusts its power level to the patient’s heat assessment. Cooling is possible during light emission, as well as before and after it.

Due to possibilities of the Vectus laser which include skin cooling during treatments, it is possible for you to return to your everyday routine almost instantly. Any minor reddening of the skin caused by the laser activity disappears quite quickly while there are no other side effects of this treatment provided that post-treatment recommendations concerning avoiding saunas, solariums and hot baths are followed.

Frequency of Vectus laser treatments is dependent on a few factors, the most significant of which is the treated area (recommended at 4-8-week intervals depending on the area). Removal of excessive hair requires a few sessions.

At Quadrille Spa, we recommend 6-8 treatments which make it possible to fully remove undesired hair.

Feel free to contact Spa reception for further details and reservations:, +48 58 351 03 20.