In search of modern perfection

Human body is extremely fascinating. To a certain extent, we are all obsessed with our appearance. With spring approaching quickly, achieving and maintaining an attractive figure becomes a priority. Even during a simple conversation, while seemingly being absorbed by verbal communication, we just have to at least take one glance at ourselves and the people around us. Nowadays, people treat the cult of a beautiful body as a guarantee of happiness and success, both personal and professional. Both women and men pay special attention to their appearance, taking care of their skin and maintaining a faultless figure.

A growing interest in non-invasive methods, which break down fat deposits under the skin without any damage to the surrounding tissue, observed among the Quadrille Spa clients and hotel Guests turned our attention to the Med 2 Contour Medical machine when we were creating our Spa offer.

The machine employs a patented solution which uses interference and intensification of overlapping ultrasound waves at a depth of 1 to 4 cm under the skin. The treatment head is equipped with two so-called ultrasound emitters bent at an angle. Two simultaneous ultrasound beams penetrate fatty tissue and the treated area is not small but represents a wide zone of beams crossing.

The effect is strong enough to break down fat cells while the treatment is completely safe for any surrounding tissues. Results are visible after the first session, whereas the following treatments intensify the changes leading to removal of cellulite and fatty tissue.

Med Contour Medical destroys fat cells, thus the effect of the treatment is permanent. Fat cells do not renew themselves within the treated area which eliminates the so-called yo-yo effect. Nevertheless, an improper diet, a sitting working mode and lack of physical activities can lead to the fatty tissue being deposited in different areas of the body. Moreover, circulation disorders combined with an unhealthy lifestyle result in a recurrence of cellulite. Thus, it is essential to eliminate harmful habits and to repeat treatments due to the character of the eliminated afflictions.


Treatment programmes


Single treatment 3 treatments
Arms/ love handles/ calves – PLN 650

Thighs/ stomach – PLN 850

Arms/ love handles/ calves – PLN 1660

Thighs/ stomach – PLN 2170


Weekend session

(inclusive of a 3-day package of treatments performed day by day)

M2C + endermology + M2C*

Arms/ love handles/ calves – PLN 1230

Thighs/ stomach – PLN 1570

M2C + Body Strategist + M2C

Arms/ love handles/ calves – PLN 1400

Thighs/ stomach – PLN 1740

M2C, endermology + endermology + M2C, endermology*

Arms/ love handles/ calves – PLN 1490

Thighs/ stomach – PLN 1830

*Endermology treatment is performed on the entire body which requires purchasing a dressing gown for the price of PLN 100.