In search of an ideal massage

A variety of techniques of working with body provides us with a possibility of choosing among classic, sports, cosmetic, anti-cellulite and therapeutic massages, manual therapy or strictly relaxing rituals. In Quadrille Spa, we have prepared a special massage which combines the most effective elements of work on soft tissue in order to achieve a comprehensive effect on each level, providing a possibility of relaxation and restoring the balance while overly tense and contracted muscles are being therapeutically loosened.

The Quadrille massage is based on the philosophy of deep tissue massage, a method which is relatively young but due to its versatility, it is quickly gaining recognition among patients and therapists. It is hard to precisely specify its origin because it was not discovered as a complete therapeutic procedure but rather constitutes a procedure which has been improved through the years by excellent researchers, among which Ida Rolf was a leading expert. Starting 1940, this American specialist had been working on her own methodology (Structural Integration, the so-called Rolfing) which treated human body as a whole system related to gravity. It is based on an idea that body represents a geometrical model in which any forces affecting one of its parts also affect all other parts, even the most distant ones. In addition, an important part of deep tissue massage is constituted by muscle and fascia relaxation as well as therapy of trigger points, commonly known as tensegrity.

Not once has the deep tissue massage been called ‘the most efficient form of a therapeutic massage’ which is owed to the focus placed on eliminating ailments and a particular therapeutic goal. There is no precise training scheme – a therapist teaches techniques (e.g. pin and stretch, stretching / contracting muscle stimulation, joint decompression, separation of intramuscular segments), and a patient’s body needs to be examined through the use of palpation to locate tissue changes. Despite its name, the massage does not always involve deeper structures, the intensity of work depends greatly on a therapist, patient’s feelings and on an issue which needs to be solved. It is important to emphasize that it is an entirely safe and pain free type of massage. A therapist applies a diagonal pressure and avoids compression of structures against bone elements while working slowly, waiting for a physiological reaction of tissue, relaxation is not forced by the way of painful pressuring but instead represents a long-lasting effect of melting of any tensions under a slow and soft touch.

Lack of conventions, freedom in selection of trigger intensity and applied techniques makes the method of work on deep tissue to be widely used in orthopaedics, sports and neurology, cosmetology, paediatrics and relaxation. It may be considered to be a certain way of thinking about different types of overloading and tension related pain because each problem is analysed globally, from a wider perspective – pain in lumbar spine may, for instance, be caused by a wrong foot composition. This wide scale of interactions makes it possible to introduce techniques of deep tissue massage into a longer body massage session which is integral with relaxation, finding one’s peace and resting.

The original Quadrille Massage is deeply rooted in the basics of the work on deep tissue and is enriched by the techniques of a classic massage, Polynesian Lomi Lomi as well as Japanese Shiatsu massages. It is not only a deep relaxation session as it helps in restoring the balance between muscle groups, harmonizes emotions, facilitates blood circulation, stimulates production of endorphins and speeds up metabolism. It is a true ceremony for the body, mind and soul.

Duration: 90 minutes

Price: PLN 350

Couples massage: PLN 650