How about a themed wedding?

Thinking about a wedding, each of us has imagined it at some point as a uniquely exceptional and unforgettable day, the beginning of a new life. Driven by excellence, we intend to offer ourselves and our guests a unique event they will talk about for weeks and reminisce about after many years.

Why not give free rein to our imagination and have a themed wedding, distinguishing our wedding reception from any other. After all, the extent to which we are ready to follow the theme lies only in our hands. We can display the theme in decorations, flower arrangements, wedding invitations and stationery or go even further: we can use own styling, include the theme-related events in our wedding reception, and first of all, find a place matching the theme.

Quadrille Hotel in Gdynia invites you to explore mainly the Alice in Wonderland theme. The hotel inspired by the Lewis Carroll novel is an ideal place for such an occasion. Already the name of the Hotel refers to the quadrille danced by the novel characters, let alone the restaurant White Rabbit (Alice’s companion) and 10/6 Pub (the Mad Hatter’s Day). One of the palace rooms refers directly to the novel adaptation by Tim Burton. The theme of Alice can also be found in the characteristic floor in the form of chessboard, referring to the game of chess played by the main characters, in the colourful design, original arrangements or subtle details using the quotes or drawings from the novel.

Thus, already the palace interior and its surroundings make us indulge in the fabulous illusion. The two-hectare park surrounding the palace is an ideal space for picturesque wedding ceremony or cocktail party near the bubbling fountain. Moreover, we can arrange large-scale decorations such as chess pieces, chessboard, clock, hat or playing cards, display stage props or use interesting furniture such as mask-armchairs. On occasion, the Hotel also invites actors or performers who play the characters of the novel and entertain the Guests. The WOW effect guaranteed!

Furthermore, the wedding planner assigned to the Married Couple will ensure the sense of proportion and balance. Whatever the theme, glamour or Boho style, the wedding in Quadrille, must first of all be sophisticated and tasteful. For the highest standard of the five-star hotel, included in the prestigious Relais & Châteaux boutique hotels, requires us to do so. The theme of Alice is only a suggestion, and Quadrille is not limited to this one only. Numerous themes are possible, and already the hotel interior raises the profile of any event.

These events are always complemented by haute cuisine offered by the White Rabbit restaurant – Polish cuisine based on regional recipes and produce, served in a very modern style. The Chefs Marcin Popielarz (finalist of San Pellegrino Young Chef 2018) and Rafał Koziorzemski (The Best Chef Raising Star 2017) offer magical dishes, a real feast for all the senses. The tasting menu the restaurant is famous for, with as many as 3 chef’s toques by Gault & Millau, distinguishes White Rabbit from other wedding venues. The 10-12 unique dishes described by the waiters every time provide a surprise and enchantment for the wedding guests. The restaurant can offer specially arranged wedding menu as a buffet or served meals. The Married Couples can choose from a variety of dishes following their personal preferences. The colourful and surprising cuisine perfectly fits into the World of Alice, and will highlight the unique character of any wedding reception. All in line with our motto: „Experience the Wonderland”.

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