Holistic approach – what is it?

Today, more and more often people talk about a holistic approach to health, care, or it is referred to as a holistic place or treatment. The holistic approach is based on the assumption that not only the physical condition of the body is important for the health of a given individual. On a par with the body, the mind, emotions, as well as spirituality are important.  Maintaining such a balance is not easy.  It is enough that in one area there are difficulties, and one by one the others begin to fail. Therefore, supporting our body in an integral way cannot be based only on combating symptoms, but on finding the causes of worse well-being. And they don’t have to be obvious.

Holistic philosophy is an approach that can be used, not only taking care of your own health. We introduced these principles when we created Quadrile Spa. As a result, when hosting you, we do not only offer care for the body or face itself, but also at the same time we want to take care of your emotional and spiritual sphere. Is it possible in the context of the treatments and offer that we managed to compose in Quadrille Spa? Of course! Let me introduce our philosophy.

The Quadrille Spa offer is adapted to the different needs of our guests and their lifestyle. We will find among the available treatments and those that will soothe, reduce stress, relax, and on the other hand – add vitality or stimulate action. The very products on which we work pamper not only the skin, but also the senses – sight, smell and touch. And so the application of cosmetics for body and face care is extremely pleasant, and the Forlle’d make-up removal itself is a harbinger of successful relaxation. It is worth emphasizing that the products we use are not tested on animals. This is very important to us and in line with our philosophy. We also want them to be rich in ingredients of natural origin: caring butters, oils and plant extracts, as well as fragrance essences and those that will visibly improve the quality of your skin. In turn, the operation of high-tech devices and cosmetics is mild, subtle, but giving long-lasting effects.

Caring for the condition of the skin face and body

The skin reflects the internal state of the body. You should always reach inside to find the source of the problem and eliminate the cause with diet, proper supplementation, physical activity and balanced care, both manual and apparatus. By taking preventive care of our skin and body, we will gain more than occasionally using plastic surgery or aesthetic medicine, the effects of which are only temporary. It is important to act on each of the planes, and then we will achieve the best results. Holistic cosmetics is the answer for people who prefer prevention to cure. All you need is a proper diet, sleep, systematic care, relaxing massages to make our body grateful for the next years.

At Quadrille Spa, we care about quality, atmosphere, comfort and safety during treatments, combining the experience and skills of therapists with innovative technologies and soothing rituals. We take a comprehensive approach to the well-being and beauty of our guests, which allows us to plan coherent and effective therapies. Cosmetologists and masseurs take care of maintaining the balance of body and mind, through the skilful selection of treatment programs. We operate here in two ways: we skillfully combine care and relaxation therapies with technology. In order to regenerate psychophysically, we recommend manual therapies for the face – Forlle’d and for the body – Comfort Zone. On the other hand, the most modern solutions in the field of cosmetology Surgen, Zaffiro, Endermologia LPG, Vectus, Med 2 Contour, Hydrafacial are a guarantee of, among others, reducing the amount of body fat or hair, improving the condition of the skin, rejuvenation and reduction of wrinkles (https://quadrille.pl/spa/en/hightech/)

Caring for physical condition

All guests, both local and hotel, are invited to our a° quadrille zone where relaxation will bring a stay in a steam sauna, dry sauna or jacuzzi. We also recommend using our indoor swimming pool, where you can carry out swimming training with the help of a counter-current, and for those of you who need some activity, we recommend using our cardio room, where in an intimate atmosphere you can do circuit training, strengthen muscles or burn some body fat (https://quadrille.pl/spa/en/aquadrille/)

Caring for the spiritual and emotional sphere

There comes a time when you start to feel the need to take a break, to stop. Although you have holidays at your disposal – once, twice a year, free holidays and weekends, it often turns out that it is not enough, that you need something else. And here there are many solutions such as the gym, running, fishing or shopping, which, after all, sometimes do not help.

In order to regain full balance in Quadrille Spa, we recommend the relaxation method using the extraordinary sound properties of Far Eastern instruments such as the so-called Tibetan bowls and gongs. For our guests, we regularly offer sessions of Tibetan bowls and gongs (more: https://quadrille.pl/en/events/relaxing-concert-down-the-rabbit-hole/)and Piotr Wyrwaszewski, who conducts them, can also perform an individual sound massage if desired.

In addition, we recommend the healing gymnastics Qi Gong, which comes from ancient China. It was created there as part of medical practice to support vitality and health, to teach peace and joy in relationships with others, as well as the acceptance and integration of everything that comes to us in life. The host – Agnieszka Sadraei also performs the Shiatsu treatment in the Spa.

It is also worth following the Events section on our website: https://quadrille.pl/en/events/
where we successively place information about everything that is happening with us.

Ewelina Araszkiewicz Wellness & Spa Operation Manager

fot. Puciam for Lara Barton
model: Magdalena Kalinowska