Forlle’d – cosmeceuticals worth the Nobel Prize

The laboratory, production plants and international patents make the Forlle’d brand shine like a star among thousands of other professional anti-ageing products. Therefore, it perfectly matches the philosophy of Quadrille Spa, where we successfully combine the latest technology and facial and body care with the state of relaxation offered to our guests.

Forlle’d was established in 2004 in Japan and quickly became the pioneer in inventing and producing low molecular substances. The Company owns international patent for manufacturing low molecular ingredients of clinically proven efficiency and capability to act at cellular level. The unique active ingredients of such low molecular mass and their combinations provide synergic effect on epidermis and dermis to fight skin ageing on the main five levels.

To prevent skin ageing, Forlle’d laboratory is implementing into their products the latest scientific inventions and solutions awarded with the Nobel Prize in 2002. The applied technology and unique, low molecular formula, the basis of each preparation, ensure visible rejuvenating effects:

Moisturize the skin and biostimulate physiological process

Scientists from the Forlle’d laboratory developed low molecular hyaluronic acid of unique 5 nm size, able to penetrate deep into dermal level of the skin. Such deep, non-invasive penetration of hyaluronic acid increases skin moisture, regenerates the skin from inside and enhances interactions of skin cells and synthesis.

Regenerate and revitalize skin at cellular level

Products by Forlle’d contain exclusive combination of low molecular hyaluronic acid, hydrolysed egg shell membrane and ionized minerals. This combination retains moisture in the skin and stimulates cell proliferation, restoring skin structure and stimulating cell regeneration at cellular level. The complex is very similar in its structure to human cells by proliferating fibroblasts in dermis, which stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin. In order to enhance these processes, Forlle’d also applies biomimetic peptides, very important for skin cell growth.

Ensure anti-oxidant protection and detoxify the skin

Ionized, low molecular platinum resists all forms of free radicals, and therefore, can effectively fight the main cause of skin photo ageing. Platinum, being biologically compatible with skin and having unique anti-oxidizing properties, is at the heart of anti-ageing platinum series of products. The platinum-based preparations introduce pronounced anti-oxidant activity and are perfect for fighting various types of skin discolouration.

Restore mineral balance of the skin

Products by Forlle’d contain ionized mineral ingredients that are able to sustain mineral balance of the skin and accelerate healing processes. The unique low molecular hyaluronic acid (5 nm) is combined in the Forlle’d products with insoluble, divalent minerals (calcium, zinc, magnesium and iron), transporting them deep into dermal level of the skin. Consequently, the lack of minerals is supplemented and mineral balance of the skin is restored, which proves indispensable for the correct cell physiological functions.

Protect the skin and restore lipid barrier

Products by Forlle’d restore natural lipid barrier and protect the skin by preventing dehydration and by maintaining correct moisture level. The patented authentic technology for producing ceramides ensures their maximum affinity with human ceramides. Thanks to these properties, products by Forlle’d are safe and perfectly compatible even with hypersensitive and intolerant skin.

Ewelina Araszkiewicz
Quadrille Spa Manager