bachelor party

Extraordinary Idea for Bachelor Party

Bachelor Party is a perfect opportunity for pre-wedding fun around men. Although it might not resemble the adventures from The Hangover movie, it can be an exquisite fun to remember forever.

Wedding involves significant level of stress, so it is worth organizing a bachelor party where the Fiancé could relax and forget the nerves. The bachelor party is definitely not planned by the future Groom, but by his Best Man and friends. What to do so that the party would meet the expectations of “the star of the evening”? You certainly need to take into account his temper and interests. Some might be happy with crazy party up all night, others may prefer more restful entertainment. You should not do anything against his interest, if you know the future Groom may not like it.

For party-goer

If the Groom likes to party, you can organize a bachelor party in a club. This is the most popular option. In such situation, it is best to go to a place where there are many clubs around and go clubbing, if you feel like it. Although there are clubs that provide a complete bachelorette and bachelor party offer. And it is worth reflecting whether the Groom prefers dancing, karaoke signing or drinking craft beer, etc. As a result, you will be able to choose the appropriate club. If there is no place meeting your expectations, the party can be organized at somebody’s home. With a little imagination, you can make it interesting and playful.

For automobile fan

Or perhaps you can start the bachelor party with sitting the Groom down in a Porsche or Ferrari?   If he is a fan of four wheels, it will be an unforgettable experience for him, and will put him in an excellent mood. Another option to enjoy the advantages of automotive industry is… a bachelor party in a bus! It sounds slightly abstract, but it is an exciting adventure. Sometimes the partakers choose only a ride into the club, and sometimes a complete offer with all attractions happening inside the bus.

Trip with friends

If you like walking trips and contact with nature, you can think of a weekend trip into the mountains or camping site. All-male walking trip can be a perfect entertainment for the whole group, and after a tiring day you can all sit by the fire and enjoy the party. A trip to the caves or caverns you can enter can also be very attractive.

Bachelor party in a themed hotel

Themed hotels are becoming more and more popular in our country. They can take you into a completely different world. But isn’t that the point during the bachelor party?

One of the hotels worth mentioning is certainly Quadrille Hotel. Its style refers to „Alice in Wonderland”. However, it does not mean you are taken into the children’s fairy-tale world, oh no! Admittedly, we are in the palace with magic atmosphere, but it is a hotel for adults only so we won’t meet any children.

Gentlemen can lounge comfortably in a restful 10/6 Pub located in the cellar and spend the evening tasting a variety of rums and listening to soft music. This offer can be changed to elegant dinner in the White Rabbit Restaurant with good wine or cigars. Another option involves adding to the program a visit in Spa Quadrille water zone with swimming pool, saunas, jacuzzi, where you can taste delightful beverages in a relaxing atmosphere. Moreover, one of the packages for the future Groom and his friends includes a relaxing massage for all partakers. This is certainly an idea for bachelor party unlike any other!