Sound ceremony “into the depths of the rabbit hole”

The sound ceremony “into the depths of the rabbit hole” is a journey into yourself, in concentration and an atmosphere of relaxation.

It is a screening, but like in Wonderland – everything is the other way round…

Relaxation concerts are something completely different from well-known musical events. Here, in order to fully devote themselves to the experience, all participants lie down in a comfortable lying position and close their eyes. Due to the comfort of our guests, we prepare a mat, blanket and pillow for each participant. Such a basic set will help you to lie down in a comfortable position, relax and undergo beneficial acoustic vibrations.

In addition to music, although in this case the more accurate term is “sound space”, these meetings contain elements of relaxation. Verbal introduction helps to relax, change perspective and direct participants’ attention to internal experiences. The instruments on which the concert is played and the tradition of working with them originate from the distant countries of the Himalayan region. They have an unusual and beneficial effect on the body and mind, and also increase self-awareness.

The sessions are led by Piotr Wyrwaszewski – Tri-City musician, multi-instrumentalist.

On a daily basis, he deals with music therapy as well as artistic and educational activities (Gluten Orkiestra, ABSTRACTKULTUR, meetings with Rytmem, Mała Motoryka).

Certified practitioner of sound therapy according to the method of Peter Hess. In his work with Tibetan bowls and gongs, he is inspired by elements of traditional cultures from Asia, Africa and South America. During the concert, the aroma of White Sage and Palo Santo will float in the air.

Cost: 70 PLN / Time: 1,5 h

Registration: or by phone +48 609 991 209 [number of places limited]

*Reservation is required in advance.
**Payment before the event at the Spa Reception.
***Contraindications to participation:
– pregnancy
– pacemaker
– taking psychotropic drugs

We will keep you informed about the upcoming concert dates. 

  • The ritual will take palce in the intimate group
  • The condition for participation is a 100% prepayment
  • Reservation: , +48 58 351 03 20
29 January 2023 at 18:00 - 19:30