Eventful Gdynia – “Wspólna Kaczka” and other

In the Tricity hierarchy, Gdynia is sometimes listed as the last one. It may seem that this relatively young city is unable to compete with the large historic Gdańsk and entertainment centre of Sopot which boasts health resort traditions dating back to the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries. Meanwhile, officially existing since 1926, Gdynia is developing in a flash and its tourist and business features are advancing by the year. The synergy of possibilities offered to residents and guests of Tricity was discussed here: https://quadrille.pl/en/attractions-of-gdynia-and-tricity/

Gdynia is worthy of being regarded more favourably as it is home to large scale events, such as:

– musical: Open’er Festival and Ladies’ Jazz Festival

– sports: Marines Commando Run, Biegun challenge and Ironman

– aviation: Gdynia Aerobaltic

– cultural: Globaltica

– theatrical: premieres at Musical Theatre and City Theatre Summer Stage in Orłowo

– designing: Gdynia Design Days

– film: Polish Film Festival

– culinary: Culinary Świętojańska, Dary Ziemi [Fruits of the Earth]

– sailing: Volvo Gdynia Sailing Days

and many more.

Gdynia is also well known for its innovative side: Pomeranian Science and Technology Park, Experyment Science Centre, Gdynia Arena, Emigration Museum, Gdynia Film Centre and Musical Theatre – these are the places which are definitely worthy of attention.

We, however, highly admire the event which despite the lack of extensive media coverage, has been present in the Tricity awareness for years. The “Wspólna Kaczka” (“Common Duck”) event represents the Gdańsk Coast Maritime Business Meeting which has been organized since 2000 and held in Gdynia since 2009. Despite the fact that the information on the event is very laconic, it is attended by nearly 2000 participants from the Polish and foreign maritime business sector. As the organizers say, the event attracts representatives of ports and trans-shipment terminals, navigation, freight forwarding and logistic companies, shipyards, agents, brokers, insurers as well as members of associations, unions and chambers of commerce.

The following awards will be granted at the 19th “Wspólna Kaczka” gala event which will be held on 12th October: “Bursztynowa Kaczka” [“Amber Duck”] special award, three “Bursztynowe Jajko” [“Amber Egg”] distinctions and, for the first time in the event’s history, “Bursztynowy Ster” [“Amber Helm”] award. The winners have been appointed by the Polish Chamber of Maritime Commerce in the following order: Deepwater Container Terminal Gdańsk, Adampol, Stocznia Crist, Polish International Freight Forwarders Association and Mr Ireneusz Kuligowski. We would like to congratulate all winners who have contributed to strengthening of the Polish maritime economy. We would also like to congratulate the organizers of the “Wspólna Kaczka” event for such a remarkable idea and its efficient promotion. As an ideal Gdynia based accommodation venue, we will be delighted to host the event’s participants and offer them comfortable transfers. To make a booking, please contact us at: recepcja@quadrille.pl, +48 58 351 03 00.

Photo by Pomorskie Tourist Board