Corporate Christmas Eve supper in Gdynia, Christmas Party, Julebord… all about traditions of Christmas gatherings

Christmas and last days of the calendar year are a special time for looking back at the passing year and drawing conclusions. It is also a time of mutual kindness and enjoyment of the festive atmosphere while waiting for the new year to come. Celebrating Christmas Eve with your work colleagues builds family like relations, creates a feeling of unity based on sharing common values. As in a real family, it is an occasion to set aside any past arguments or misunderstandings to exchange Christmas greetings.

The tradition of corporate Christmas parties came to Poland from its Western neighbours where it constitutes one of the most important but also one of the riskiest parties of the year. In the United States or England, for instance, party organizers need to consider potential losses and damages regardless of the fact if the event is held at or outside the office. Alcohol consumption and ‘till the crack of dawn’ party formula, no doubt, have something to do with it.

The Scandinavian are also strongly attached to the tradition of Christmas events – Norwegian Julebord, Swedish Julbord, Danish Julefrokost all represent a gathering or a party at which the tables groan under the weight of food and drinks. Originally related solely to the Christmas Day or post-Christmas period, Julebord is now stretching from November up to January depending on a personal liking. More and more often Julebord corporate budget is spent on team building trips, also abroad – Poland, and Tricity specifically, are a frequently chosen destination. This form of celebration, apart from the obvious team building spirit, offers an original, often spectacular dimension.

In Poland, Christmas parties take a gentler course, however there are two competing concepts here: from traditional office based sharing the wafer and exchanging Christmas greetings formula to having snacks at the office or sharing a meal at a pub or a restaurant, sometimes even an exclusive ball or a reception organized at hotels. Undoubtedly, Polish Christmas parties are also aimed at creating a positive image of the employer and showing that the company staff are cared for. However, in Poland there is a special, very humane feature to each party which is a desire to be a better person for oneself and those around you – an element inspired by the spirit of Christmas.

Each year, event plans are being made starting September. An ideal Christmas party programme always includes year summary, special thanks or even gifts and presents. Additional attractions enjoying greater popularity with each passing year include dancing, concerts, competitions, shows, stand-up performances, thematic games… Sky is the limit to the diversity of ideas.

Such an elevated character of Christmas Eve can be enhanced by musical performance, for example classic terzetto or chamber jazz ensemble. Whereas, for socializing event it is better to invite DJ who will not only enrich the program with Christmas songs, but also make sure the guest will come to the dance floor. DJ could also animate the evening and organize Christmas competitions regarding the knowledge on characters and habits of the participants.

If you plan to have a more informal event, it is good to have a theme – either in the form of decoration or as a task for the participants given before the party. In Quadrille we offer the hotel theme, namely Alice in Wonderland, but it is only a suggestion.

Christmas Eve can also be graced with performances or pantomime with professional actors, and dance shows (tango, salsa, tap dance, etc.) preferably combined with learning the basics.

The so-called light or fire shows outdoor make a tremendous impression on the guests. The artists from modern circus and acrobatics industry use light and fire to create vivid and breathtaking performances.

Indoors, it is good to organize live painting, when the picture is created before the guests’ very eyes and often with their participation. Furthermore, we can employ a cartoonist who will draw portraits of every guest during Christmas party so that everybody can laugh and take the cartoon home as a souvenir.

Regardless of the number of participants, company specialization or budget, at Quadrille we believe that each Christmas party can have an original dimension and become a long-lasting memory for its participants. Instead of flooding a client with a multitude of ideas and solutions, our staff start each project with a detailed interview and then prepare a dedicated programme of the event – tailored to the company profile, employee structure and organizers’ expectations. It is a key to the common success.

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