Birthday alchemy by Quadrille

Quadrille is a truly ideal venue for organization of some of the most memorable events. Our Guests dream of a perfect day in perfect surroundings and it takes a recipe for success to make their dreams come true. The main ingredients include a touch of design, beautiful natural surroundings, a surprising menu and lots and lots of smiles and engagement of organizers and service staff.

Comprehensive organization of an event for an individual client is always a great challenge. The main goal is a successful party and the road towards achieving it is often based on a few general guideposts. After all, clients are not required to know all organizational secrets and predict any risks caused by making certain choices. For this reason, they turn to us, professionals, expecting nothing less than… perfection 😊

Let us share the example of two friends from Scandinavia looking for a dream venue for a few days of celebration of their 50th birthdays. Due to the close proximity and travel arrangements, they choose Tricity. The fact that our hotel is one of the considered options is owed to our marketing exposure, whereas the fact that they choose us is owed to the impression made by the object itself, and also to a large extent to the direct contact with our representatives. The final assessment is created by each member of the staff and their approach towards a client. It is true that the decisive role is played by the contact with a dedicated person, the event coordinator. However, it is the rest of the team who prepare the base.

The above mentioned dedicated member of staff provides a tour of the object, presents the possibilities and takes an interview in order to have a better understanding of the client’s needs and also to be able to anticipate them. The more information is obtained at the beginning, the more efficient is the organizational process. In case of foreign guests, it is usually known that the next opportunity to meet personally will most probably occur during the event – this is why the first discussion is so essential.

The following months are usually dedicated to detailed planning: booking of rooms, discussion of menu, selection of attractions and decorations, booking of transport and additional services on spot. The event coordinator prepares an event timetable, appoints staff members to execute it at the hotel and a team of sub-contractors, orders specific elements, prepares a pricelist of the total costs and concludes it with an agreement. Throughout this whole time, the event coordinator assists the client with advice, provides replies to any questions, presents different possibilities and tries to find compromise, if needed. After weeks of such cooperation, the client can be sure of a truly impressive result.

In this particular case, the two guests of honour invited close to 60 guests for their birthday celebration. To a large extent, these were family members but also friends who arrived at the hotel by Thursday. Due to making travel arrangements, we had the details of their arrival times which allowed us to optimize the check-in process. In their rooms, the guests could find a sweet surprise and a welcome letter listing the agenda for their whole stay. A sit-down buffet dinner was planned that day in our restaurant to give the guests an opportunity to bond with the group. The atmosphere was relaxed, the chosen dinner formula was aimed at providing a better mobility of the guests who could have casual conversations while serving their plates. The dinner ended before midnight to allow the guests to rest before the attractions planned for the following day.

Friday started with a prolonged breakfast. The guests came to the restaurant at their own time, sat down at the tables in groups and discussed their plans for the next few hours. Some of them had already booked their Spa treatments – we contacted them by e-email or phone to make sure that each interested person would have their treatment scheduled at a suitable time. One of the families set out on a bicycle trip equipped with a map of the region provided by our staff. For other guests, we booked a guided tour of Gdańsk. The rest of them enjoyed the sun in the palace garden with a cup of delicious coffee or a relaxing cocktail in their hand. This year, May was exclusively warm, the weather was absolutely perfect and the vast two-hectare park provided a number of options for entertainment and good fun.

The whole group met again in the evening at an informal dinner in the hotel’s 10/6 Pub. Underground private interior boasts an interesting design with comfortable colourful sofas. This was another buffet dinner, however this time it was prepared as a standing party based on less sophisticated pub menu. The party was accompanied by live music played by a duo who performed the most famous internationally recognized hits. Two bartenders took special care of the guests and their good mood and the party lasted until late night hours.

On Saturday, the two guests of honour wished to spend the whole day with their guests on the hotel premises. After another late and relaxed breakfast, the group moved to the garden to enjoy the outdoor games and sports carefully prepared for them. The two friends were leading the activities with some help from our side. This gave us time to prepare an ideal picnic by the pond. We moved rattan furniture there and brought a great number of blankets to make sure that each guest could find a comfortable spot. We placed a bar just next to the picnic area where a bartender served the group’s favourite beverages. When the guests arrived at the pond, they found baskets filled with food. They were absolutely charmed by our idea, after all, picnics in such beautiful scenery do not happen that often. The event was highlighted by a duck family marching right in front of the guests. 😊

Saturday evening was organized in a completely different atmosphere – it was a perfectly planned festive and elegant dinner followed by a dancing party. All started with a welcome cocktail by a purling fountain accompanied by a reading of poems dedicated to the guests resulting in endless bursts of laughter. Another surprise was the restaurant hall decorated specifically for this purpose with pink and golden balloons and floral arrangements. Tables, windowsills and a fireplace were decorated with peonies which perfectly matched the interior style of the hall. The heads of the guests of honour were crowned with floral wreaths created by our florist. The four-course dinner prepared by our Head Chef stole the hearts and stomachs of the guests who seemed in no hurry to move to the next point on the agenda – the dancing party with a DJ. Open bar complemented it perfectly, and Prosecco dominated the night. Birthday cakes with a small dedication prepared by our confectionery served as a nice highlight of the evening. This was a moment for birthday wishes from the hotel staff and we will cherish it for a long time.

Sunday was the time for saying goodbye and giving thanks. We were happy that everything went according to the plan and the whole group left us feeling contempt. The two guests of honour have managed to surprise us with a nice e-mail sent upon their return home:

We are so thankful and impressed for the job that you, and your team have done for us.
I woke up last night and was afraid that this had only been a dream.

The variety in gastronomy service you could provide was impressive. Your food is 5- stars.
I have never seen such amazing picnic food and baskets before. 

We also loved the decorations with flowers and balloons.

All our guests are thrilled and have shared lots of pictures on FB and other social medias.

I am sure that you will see some of us again.

Thanks again!