Attractions of Gdynia and Tricity

A home to Quadrille Palace, Gdynia is a relatively young city which will celebrate a centennial in eight years. Its development was triggered by construction of a port which was aimed at securing Poland’s access to the sea within an insecure period between WWI and WWII. A lot has changed since that time and apart from the sea port Gdynia offers a number of attractions, both for the city’s residents and Polish and foreign tourists. The latter are mostly unaware of the fact that Gdynia is a part of larger Tricity – the agglomeration consisting of Gdynia, Gdańsk and Sopot. Due to its existence, there are at least three times as many attractions (and due to the synergy effect, there are even more of those😉). It is difficult to explain this exceptional symbiosis of the three cities to Tricity’s visitors, however it becomes clear once they experience it themselves.

Gdańsk, of course, is the largest of the three cities and as a city with over a thousand-year history it has numerous historical objects and architectural monuments. A number of cultural events are held here as well. Sopot is a seaside health resort, among others known for the Sopot Festival – a singing contest with a 60-year-old tradition. Another notable attraction is the longest wooden pier in Europe which is also situated here.

As a seaside city, Gdynia is a home to beautiful beaches. There are a number of those here, in the city centre as well as other districts, e.g. in Orłowo, Babie Doły – all of them are worth visiting and guarantee spectacular views. Beaches are not the only form of contact with nature offered by Gdynia – surrounding forests serve as a nice alternative. Some of the forests are a part of the Tricity Landscape Park, with over 60 species of flora which are strictly or partially protected. This certainly is an ideal place for relaxation and an escape from everyday routine, and it can be fully explored on one of our bicycles.

And now it’s time to discuss forms of entertainment created by man. One of them are cruises in the Gulf of Gdańsk, organized by local companies specializing in yacht charters. We would be happy to assist in organizing unforgettable sea voyages which make individual or group stays more attractive and also serve as an efficient team-building activity.

Golf lovers or anyone willing to take up this sport are always welcome in the Sierra Golf Resort field located close to Gdynia. Of course, this is not the only proposition of this type in Tricity. Even in the picturesque park surrounding Quadrille there is a possibility of organizing a small tournament or exercises under supervision of an instructor, for instance in a form of a break during a conference.

Gdynia also has a lot to offer for horse enthusiasts and those who enjoy contact with these noble animals. There are a lot of horse riding centres which offer beginners and more advanced levels of training. The closest one to Quadrille is a centre in Kolibki, on the border of Gdynia and Sopot, where horses are bred in balance with nature – they can roam freely in a herd. Out of season, there is a possibility of going for a ride on the beach. The Sopot Hippodrome is also located nearby, known for equestrian competitions and the prestigious CSIO show jumping competition.

Gdynia is also a great place for entertainment and culture. Such objects as the Musical Theatre or Gdynia Film Centre guarantee unforgettable experiences due to regular new shows, plays and film premiers, as well as the famous festival. Gdynia is inseparably related to music due to the Open Air Festival. One also cannot miss such sports events as the Marines Commando Run, Biegun challenge and Gdynia Aerobaltic.

See you soon in Gdynia!